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You could use our advertising space as article format or as a classic advertisement. Possible articles could be about products, brands, shops, events, travels or services. Please notice that we mark every article with a advertising background as „sponsored post“. We do this because we want to be transparent and trustfull for our readers.

Your advantages if you use our advertising space:

  • very high audience accuracy
  • our autors be ambressors and enjoy trust their readers
  • you get a direct and true feedback about your product
  • the visibly of your product / brand will increase in the www
  • focus on the strong german marked


Facts about Cosfans

unique visitors per year
pageviews per year

56% female visitors

44% male visitors

Age of our visitors

18 - 24 38%
25 - 34 33%
35 - 43 16%
44+ 13%

What our target group is interested in

  • 3D-printing
  • NERF-Guns
  • anime & manga
  • asian culture in general
  • board games
  • books
  • comic
  • cosplay
  • cosplay costumes
  • creative and cosplay events
  • drawing
  • drawing tablets
  • fantasy
  • larp
  • mechanics
  • medieval
  • photography
  • plush toys
  • scene magazines
  • sewing
  • social media
  • streaming
  • traveling to asia,figures etc.
  • tutorials and books for building cosplays
  • tv series
  • videogames
  • voice actor


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